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    Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions!

    Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If your question is still unanswered, please e-mail Hainle and your question will be answered promptly To view the Question and the answer simply scroll down the page to see every question and answer in full. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page before placing your order! When finished, simply click the continue shopping button to close this page to return to the store.

    Shopping Cart Questions:

    How do I make a purchase?
    Simply click on “Add to Cart” right of any bottle you would like to purchase. Your Shopping Cart will add the amount of bottle you added.

    How do I add more items to my cart?
    After adding your first item, your Shopping Cart will stay active. When youfound another wine you would like to add, simply click add to basket, and your Shopping Cart will add this wine also. Clicking View cart will show you all the bottles and the number of bottles you have added to your Shopping Cart. Repeat this process until you have all the items you wish to order placed in your Shopping Cart.

    How do I update an item from my cart?
    When viewing your Shopping Cart, check the box under the word “Quantity” Simply change the amount and hit the word update. The correct number of bottles and their price will be calculated instantly.

    How do I remove an item from my cart?
    When viewing your Shopping Cart, check the word “Remove” next to the total of the item you wish to remove from your Shopping Cart. With the word “remove” is clicked that item will be removed from your Shopping Cart.

    How do I order more than one of an individual item?
    When viewing your Shopping Cart, change the “Quantity” (default is indicated as “1”) to any other number you would like to order, then click on “Update Cart” and the price will reflect the change.

    How do I view my Shopping Cart?
    When visiting any of the stores, click on “View Cart” located at the top of every page.

    How do empty my Shopping Cart?
    When viewing your Shopping Cart, check the word “ Empty cart”. The page will refresh to show your Shopping Cart is empty, and you can click on “Continue Shopping”.

    Shipping Questions:

    How do I find out how much shipping will cost?
    When viewing your Shopping Cart, select the State you live in, and the shipping will be calculated for you.

    I live in a foreign country not listed in the Shopping Cart – can I still purchase?
    Yes you can! Simply put – We can’t calculate the shipping to every possible country in the world. If you would like to order from another country, please contact us by e-mail: sales@hainle.com or phone +1 800 767 3109. Your shipping costs will be calculated manually and will be sent to you in a separate invoice. Alternately, if you require a shipping quote prior to placing your order.

    How will my items be packaged?
    All Bottle will be packed in bottle save boxes and shipped by UPS.

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