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    Deep Creek Wine Estate & Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery are located in the sunny Okanagan wine region of British Columbia, Canada. The winery has a strong commitment to natural chemical free viticulture and handcrafted winemaking. Our own vineyards are managed naturally chemical free. All of our growing and cellar practices are traditional according to the Huber family wine purity law of 1856. The Huber family wine purity laws which exceed Canadian and International certified Organic winemaking standards has been followed in every aspect of winegrowing and winemaking since the Huber family bought Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery in 2002. We are dedicated to producing the highest possible quality, naturally dry, fully fermented wines.

    Wein Reinheitsgebot der Huber Familie von 1856

    Wine Purity Law of the Huber family as stated in 1856 Every wine has to be produced by the winery it states on the label. All vine has to be grown naturally. Grapes have to have a minimun of 20 brix on white wine, 22 brix on red wine and 32 brix on ice wine. All wine must has to be free of added sugar, water or other additives. Only yeast and pure wine must is allowed for fermentation. Only five natural fining agents can be used.

    Hainle Wine Club info

    We are presently setting up our secure log in Wine club web pages for Canada, Asia and Europe. We will have our rarest and most valuable vintages on sell for our limited member wine club only. For membership please check back with us for more info at globalexport@hainle.com or go to our Facebook website to get updated on the process

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