• 2008 Pinot Noir Reserve

      This Pinot Noir Reserve is from our most famous signature wine series

      Bourgogne, France is known to make the best and most exclusive Pinot Noir wines of the world. Using our traditional old world winemaking techniques with our new world vinifera grapes we have achieved a wine which is 2nd to none challenging these exclusive Pinot Noir wines. 2008 was an exceptional good year for our Pinot Noir, in fact this wine is almost sold out before its release date. We had a few French wine writers at our winery ealier this year tasting most of our wines due to the high rating we received with our 2007 Vintage Pinot Noir last year in France. They agreed with our quality of wines and gave the 2008 Vintage Pinot Noir wine ratings between 96 to 98 points at it's early stages. We expect the wine to get higher ratings as it ages. As release date we have scheduled November 15 2013 at which point the few remaining cases will be released for sale.

    • Deep Creek Red - 2008 Pinot Noir Reserve
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