• Royal Wine Club

    Our Royal Wine club is the most exclusive wine club of Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery. You can only join it by invited of an already existing Royal Wine Club Member or on special Invitation from our winery. Being a member of this wine club enables you to buy some of our rarest most pleasures wines, it also guarantees you that on every new released wines you will have the first week exclusive privileges to purchase ahead of any other winery customers before the regular releases. Membership privileges enable you to get a 25% discount on all our wines and wine products (in other words you buy for the same price the BC liquor board buys wines from us for their stores). Points are awarded with every order you place and by the end of the months you may receive extra discounts on your already purchased product. You have the privilege to recommend wines only available for our Royal wine club members to your friends to buy. They would also be able to enjoy a 10% discount on our product by just using your name or Royal Wine Club Membership ID number when purchasing. You also will have the right to invite your friends to join our Royal Wine Club. Sign up fee is $ 375.00 (one-time fee which includes wines valued at a retail price of approximately $ 500.00) and a $ 25.00 fee per year keep the Royal Wine Club membership in good standing. A Royal Wine Club Membership card will be send to you stating your membership information and date you joined. We will not send you any wines automatically, you have to make the choice if you want any. You will receive e-mails on average 1 per months to keep you updated on new releases, special Royal Wine Club events and Gala dinners the winery will hold from time to time in major Cities in BC and Alberta.

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