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Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery became BC’s 8th estate winery in 1972 and the birthplace of North American Icewine in 1978. The Hainle legacy is built on Walter Hainle’s winemaking expertise and his stroke of genius that resulted in the first production of Icewine in North America. In an attempt to salvage grapes from an early frost that threatened to obliterate an entire year of production, Walter Hainle produced the first 40 litres of Icewine. Hainle recalled his own Germanic tradition of turning frozen grapes into delicious dessert wines and proceeded to carefully collect the frozen grapes that yielded the first 156 bottles of commercial wine in North America.

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In 2017, the lovely Bella H. purchased Hainle Winery. With 30 years of successful business experience, Bella chose Hainle for its long-standing roots. Bella took the hard work of the past and made it even better and sustainable. With a renewed sense of dedication, she oversaw a renovation of the vineyards in November 2019. The renovation of the winery began in March 2020 during Covid 19. The team was made up of some of the best local woodworkers, electricians and painters, who worked hard for three months. The results shine through, making the winery a destination for families and friends to enjoy a great wine tasting experience, and a spectacular view. Our visitors will learn about local wine and the interesting history of the Hainle Winery.

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With all this history, it’s the future that is the most exciting.

Hainle Winery was founded in 1972 and completed 50 years in the B.C. wine industry in the fall of 2022. To commemorate all those years of winemaking, we redesigned our labels.

From a glance, it may seem like an ordinary letter “h” but if you take a closer look, you may notice that the “h” also represents numbers “7” & “2” closely knit together as a letter “h”.

With winemaking in capable hands and a team of highly enthusiastic and customer-focused individuals we will:

  • Continue the tradition of chemical-free, least-intervention wines that have been followed since the 1970’s.
  • Progress with more organically farmed vineyards across the Okanagan.
  • Make Hainle’s wines more accessible across liquor stores and restaurants.
  • Support our surroundings and the little community we are in as much as possible.
  • Lastly, QUALITY not QUANTITY.



North America’s first icewine producer in 1978


1st Canadian Certified Organic Winery in 1988


1st Canadian Winery using Gravity Flow for winemaking in 1988


Experience the Okanagan’s most historic winery. Our wines are traditionally handcrafted by winemaking recipes originating in the mid 1800’s, without the use of harsh chemicals or additives. We use only the finest estate grown grapes from our vineyard and other vine growers across the Okanagan Valley. Visitors are welcome year round. We offer award-winning wines and exclusive small-batch wines, which can be tasted by appointment and purchased at the winery.


Least intervention, sustainable, and traditional grape growing practices have been crucial to our success. Our grape growing practices are in accordance with organic and sustainable practices first and foremost. When crafting white wine, grapes are required to have a minimum of 20 brix, 22 brix for red wine and 32 brix for icewine. We pride ourselves on preserving the high standards associated with proper wine growing and winemaking practices. As a result, we aim to  produce the highest quality of handcrafted, small lot wines.

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Hainle Timeline updated 2020

In 1972, Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery became BC’s 8th estate winery and began building the Hainle legacy on renowned winemaking expertise.

Walter Hainle produced the first 40 litres of Icewine and Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery became the birthplace of North American Icewine.

Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery became Canada’s first certified organic winery and the 1st Canadian Winery using Gravity Flow for winemaking.

Under new ownership, there is a renewed dedication and passion towards quality and environmental sustainability.

Hainle’s wines won 3 medals in 2021, followed by 8 medals including a Platinum in 2022, and 9 medals including a Gold in 2023.

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