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The Vintaged Reds Pack

The Vintaged Reds Package (6 Bottles)

  • 2003 Syrah
    Meaty, earthy flavours riding a wave of soft acid, smooth tannins and lots of black pepper and black currant. At full age so not your typical Syrah in regard to the boldness.
  • 2004 Merlot
    This is a classic brilliant wine, ruby in color, with varietal complexity. This Merlot is full of earthy characteristics and the aroma of leather, cedar, cherry, plum, blackberry and red currant. This full bodied Merlot has been aged in French oak barrels for 10 months which gives the wine a nice hint of vanilla finish.
  • 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon
    This limited single for Cabernet Sauvignon was grown in the south Oliver area. It shows great characteristics of cherry, cocoa and black pepper. Our organic winemaking emphasizes the rich, full mouth-feel and a good balance of tannin structure. This wine is a wonderful match with grilled and roasted meats as well as chocolate based desserts.
  • 2004 Zweigelt Steel
    This Austrian grape variety makes a beautifully aromatic and fruit-driven wine, with aromas of raspberry, black cherry and chocolate. Seductively soft in flavours, yet rich and full.
  • 2005 Zweigelt
    Oaked in vintage French “Opus One” barrels. to make a nice Austrian style wine. It has a rich taste of fresh raspberries, blackberries and chocolate. The oak gives it a nice taste of vanilla with a long velvety finish. It has a great texture with light tannins. It shows great potential to be one of the finest Zweigelt ever.
  • 2008 Pinot Noir
    This wine scored 99/100 in the Les Citedelles du Win blind wine tasting competition in France and has been award THE BEST PINOT NOIR IN THE WORLD. A truly puissant and yet extremely elegant bouquet; harmonious layers of sweeter bright red berries, soft roses and irises, light truffle-like notes, warm savoury earth. On the palate crisp and clean with mineral tones singing right from the start, tight red berry acids, intense floral notes are balanced with some of the sweeter/candy notes felt in the nose.

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