Wine Club FAQs

1. What wines are included in my package?

You select your wines!!! We want our customers to get what they like!!! We will notify you via email that it’s time for you to make your selection. If you do not make a selection then our winemaker will carefully select wines for you depending on your tasting experience.

2. What is the ETA for a shipment?

We ship in May and October. Since the day you place your order, expect 7 business days for the wines to be delivered to you. This does vary however on your location and if there is some logistics discrepancy.

3. What if I am not home?

We do have options to re-route or delay shipment as requested. Generally, you can write a note while placing your order stating that you want a delayed shipment or your availability for delivery. Alternatively, please email us at [email protected] after you place your order.

4. Am I allowed to get more than 2 shipments a year?

Absolutely! As many as you like, till the stocks last! 2 shipments commitment is the minimum requirement to sign up for our wine club.

5. I am relocating somewhere else. What to do next? OR how do I update any information?

Write us an email at [email protected] and we will take care from there on.

6. How do I cancel my membership?

We will be disheartened to see you go!! But if you have made a firm decision, please write us an email at [email protected] to cancel your membership. However, there is an administration fee of $60 to cancel the membership.

7. What is the estimate cost of a shipment?

Since our wine club members make their own selection, there is no set amount of a shipment. It also varies if you go for a 6-bottle shipment or a 12-bottle shipment.