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Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery is the birthplace of North American ICEWINE! Explore Peachland’s past, meet local artists and tour operators, and visit museums & art galleries. Enjoy water activities and the beautiful hiking trails with Okanagan Lake as your backdrop. All of this will be complemented by wine tastings, fine dining in local restaurants, and overnight stays at Peachland’s naturally beautiful B&B.

4 days/3 nights

From: CAD 1288.00

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Day 01

Departure: From your sweet home

Arrival: Noontime in Peachland, Blind Angler Grill

The Blind Angler Grill is folksy and fun and has been serving Peachland for 16 years. Enjoy spectacular views of the Okanagan Lake from their back patio and a diverse menu for any time of day. They have a great selection of food from burgers to salads to mussels, as well as Okanagan wine, beer, and cider.

After lunch: Peachland Museum, Peachland Art Gallery, Ray Kandola Heritage Pier .

Step back in time and explore Peachland’s past at the Peachland Museum. It is housed in a historic building that was constructed mostly by volunteers in 1910 and served as a Baptist Church. Its exhibits include a miniature of historic Beach Avenue, a working model of the Kettle Valley Railway, and more!

Peachland Art Gallery, located in the same building as the Visitor Centre, is the cultural hub of our community. It hosts art exhibitions that promote the entire Okanagan and a diverse group of artists. They also host live music and dinner events.

The Ray Kandola Heritage Pier is a 120-metre long fixed structure running parallel to the shoreline of Heritage Park in downtown Peachland. This pier is the first of its kind on Okanagan Lake. Breakout areas allow people to fish while the main pier features wheelchair access with benches to rest and take in the Okanagan Lake views. This is a great place for people of a ride variety of ages and abilities to fish or to simply take in the sights and fresh air.

Afternoon ~4pm, Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery with food

Food and wine tasting will be included. Any extra bottle of wine will be charged separately.

Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery became BC’s 8th estate winery in 1972 (there are now about 300), is the birthplace of North American ICEWINE and became Canada’s first certified organic winery in 1988. The wines from Hainle are considered collectibles amongst the British Royal family and have been served in many international events. The hosts of Hainle are happy to share their knowledge on vinicultures, winemaking as well as food and wine pairing.

After the tour to the cellar and the vineyard, enjoy the authentic German dinner with Hainle’s wines. There’s no doubt a glass of wine with dinner can elevate your dining experience, but how can you nail this art of finding the perfect pairing? A wine ambassador will guide you through the VIP tasting and fun of pairing.

Stay overnight: Local B&B


Day 02

Morning:  one of the optional activities

Lunch: Bliss Bakery & Bistro or Peachland Sushi

Bliss Bakery is one of Peachland’s local treasures and takes pride in using quality ingredients to make delicious drinks, pastries, cookies, sandwiches and other eats. They also have yummy vegan and gluten free options. You’ll find them right on the water across from the new pier— a great place to relax with a friend or by yourself and do some people watching!

Satisfy your sushi craving with a variety of sushi rolls and hot dishes made with high quality ingredients. The dining room has large windows that open to a panoramic view of the lake so you can feel that sweet lake breeze.

Afternoon: Hardy falls & Ghost Pine Vines

Hardy Falls, named after Harry Hardy, who was one of the first orchardists on the west side of Okanagan Lake, is located at the south end of Peachland. It follows Deep Creek and leads to a beautiful waterfall. It is a short walk and easily accessible, making it one of Peachland’s most popular trails. Visit the falls in September to see the Kokanee salmon spawn. Make sure to check out the falls in the winter to see if they have frozen over!

Ghost Pine Vines is an organic vineyard in Peachland. Immerse yourself in the wine country , the owner Greg Cole will walk you through the vineyard, sharing his extensive knowledge on organic farming.

Dinner:  BBQ at Hainle Estate Vineyard

-Food will be included. Any extra bottle of wine will be charged separately.

This is a unique dinner experience in the Okanagan. While watching the sunset and stars, you are also having a delicious BBQ meal with glasses of lovely wine in the breathtaking Hainle estate vineyard.

Stay overnight: local B&B


Day 03

Morning: one of the optional activities

Lunch: Cibo & Vines

This lovely restaurant located on beautiful Beach Avenue uses the freshest ingredients to create all your Italian favorites— gourmet pizza, pasta, salad, Stromboli and more. Local twists include the “Rattlesnake” Stromboli (named after Rattlesnake Island which you can see from Peachland) and they have a great selection of local wine.

Afternoon: Winemaking course at Hainle

Dinner: Local Chinese Food and Wine pairing at Hainle (Icewines included)

  • Food and Icewine tasting will be included. Any extra bottle of wine will be charged separately.

According to an ancient Chinese proverb – to the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven. That drags out the ever-hovering question of – what wine to drink with Asian food, and Chinese food in particular. Let’s take a tour of which Chinese meal goes well with which wine. A wine ambassador will share his or her experience the pairing. This also provides a special opportunity of pairing Icewine with traditional Chinese desserts.

Stay overnight: local B&B

sweet chicken

Day 04

Morning: one of the optional activities

Lunch: 1st and Beach Bar and Grill

Swing by this colorful spot-on Peachland’s scenic Beach Avenue to get a taste of quality, local ingredients, and craft beers & wines of the Okanagan. Nicely cooked prawns, duck or duck poutine will be the best choice before you leave Peachland.

Departure: after lunch

Arrival: late in the afternoon to your sweet home

craft beer


Entire Luxury Lakefront Estate, Boater’s Paradise

The exceptional Paragon Estate, includes the Pinnacle main residence, Eagle’s Nest guest suite and Lake Breeze cottage.

Vacation for Families with Stunning View & Pool

Mackenzie House is an exceptional fully-furnished home with spectacular views, 3-bedrooms, located in beautiful Peachland on Okanagan lake. This recently renovated home is the ideal spot for family vacation! Enjoy stunning lake views from a wrap-around deck and the salt-water pool.

Peachland Eagles Nest B&B

The Bald Eagle nests high above the surrounding country in tall trees, close to the water and where they will have a spectacular view. This is some of what we offer you at Peachland Eagles Nest B&B®. Enjoy your private covered deck high amongst the Ponderosa Pines and breathe in the fresh lake air.

RV Parking in Peachland

A unique experience in beautiful Peachland with a breathtaking view of Okanagan Lake and mountains! From your private RV lot you are a 3-minute drive from the village of Peachland with its beaches, restaurants, liquor & grocery stores, and amenities.


Okanagan Lake activity

  • Swim Bay, located across from the visitor center, is a great place to enjoy family activities for a day at the beach. The beach includes washrooms, wheelchair accessible beach access, a zipline, rope swing, wharf, and diving board. Swim Bay is also one of the only beaches in the Okanagan to have a lifeguard on duty in the summer months.
    • Swimming: free
  • Paddleboard Rentals:
    • Group Rates available. Rental Rates:
    • 1 hour $25. Each Additional Hour $15.
  • Kayak Rentals
    • Single or Double Kayaks. Group rates available.
    • Double: 1 hour $35, every hour after $20
    • Single: $25, $15 for each additional hour


What better way to explore Peachland than taking a cruise along Beach Avenue by bike? Sample Peachland’s flavours and take in the sights, then park your bike at the beach and relax! If you would prefer to explore Peachland by water, no problem— they rent paddleboards and kayaks too!

    • Bike Rentals
      • Group rates available.
      • 2-Seater Canopy Bike: 1 hour $25, $15 for each additional hour
      • 4-Seater canopy bike $35/hour

Zip Zone Peachland

If you want to experience nature and a thrill, ziplining is a perfect option. Peachland’s very own Zip Zone has some of the highest, longest, and fastest ziplines in Canada. You will zip through beautiful scenery and have views of Deep Creek Gorge and forest-draped mountains.

  • Discount on families (2 adults, 2 kids): 10%

Okanagan ATV tours

A great way to explore Peachland’s backcountry is taking a cruise on an ATV. Your hosts at Okanagan ATV Tours will give you a safety orientation on how to operate the ATVs and take you on a 2 hour or 4 hour excursion in the Peachland wilderness. This tour operates year-round!

    • 2 hour tour:
      • Flexible start times based on availability.
      • Trip length is 1.5 hours plus .5 hour orientation and training course.
      • Price is CAD$127.00 per person
    • 4 hour tour:
      • Flexible start times based on availability.
      • Trip length is 3.5 hours plus .5 hour orientation and training course.

Price is CAD$208.00 per person.

ATV Tour
ATV tours 2

Pincushion Mountain Hiking

Locals say that you can’t truly call yourself a Peachlander until you have summited Pincushion Mountain. One of the best known and most loved hikes, Pincushion Mountain is named after a wildfire in the 19th century that destroyed most of the trees on the mountain, leaving only burned trees that looked like pins. Today, Pincushion Mountain is very scenic, and it is a challenging, but rewarding hike. The top of Pincushion Mountain offers one of the best views in the Okanagan Valley. The trail begins with stairs and then becomes switchbacks. It has several steep sections, so proper footwear and even walking sticks are recommended. There are three look-out points that will allow you to rest before you hike to the summit. At the top, you’ll want to take an iconic selfie of the Canadian Flag and of the view. Then, sign the guestbook! The total hike has an elevation gain of 245 meters and a 3.4 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail.


BEEPS Peachland: Bat Education & Ecological Protection Society

  • A community bat educational program was established in 2011 to promote public awareness of the colony of bats inhabiting the attic of the Peachland Historic School and raise awareness of the vital contributions they make to a healthy ecosystem. The confirmation by biologists of this large maternity colony saved the building from demolition as a protected species habitat, and in 2015, thanks to a passionate core group of volunteers, BEEPS was registered in BC as a not-for-profit society.
  • Bat House Interpretive Trail
    • Want to learn more about bats while exploring Peachland? Join us on this long-time favourite educational stroll that highlights bats, their importance to our ecosystem, and how we can best support and nurture them. Self-guided or contact us for a customized group tour: [email protected].
BEEP organization


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